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About Us

Hello darlings! My name is Julia Begg and I am a multimedia artist from western Pennsylvania.   I have always been fascinated by the performance of femininity, whether that be in the scores of old movies and musicals I devoured as a child, the absolute fantasy and wonder of drag performers, or simply the people that catch my eye as I walk down the street. It is a gorgeous multifaceted gem and I want to gape in wonder at it, celebrate it, and explore it.  I love working in multiple mediums because it gives me a broad width of expression to capture this beauty.   When I make, I find myself occupied by  hand crafts traditionally associated with women- tatting, weaving, needlepoint, decoupage, garment making.  Women have been creating beautiful things for each other for a very long time- perhaps to try and shield each other from the from the harshness of the world in some small way.  Finding moments of beauty, made with love, can brighten even dark days.I think about the moments I love, moments that I would love and translate them into a visual moment. 

I want to share what I do because it brings me so much joy and I hope that it will bring you joy too.My work is filled with things I love: glitter, grit, glamour, patterns, and pinks. It is loud and exciting, tender and exquisite, and a hell of a good time.  It's alot, I know, but I like it that way and I'm excited to share it with you.

Other things about me, I am a classically trained artist with  a BFA in Printmaking from The University of Akron.  When I am not holed up in my studio I enjoy reading, gardening with my husband catering to the every whim of my demanding old lady cat and new kitten, and a long drive with a cold can of Arizona Tea.

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